“We wanted to reach more teens and we know that can’t be done without the support of parents.”

We really wanted to touch the lives of teens who want to go into business. We realized that the parents needed as much help guiding their teens as the teens need guidance in business.

ICanTeachMyTeen has been in the works for many years.  Then, one day in March of 2012, Lyle and Steve met.  Sparks ignited as they connected with each other’s kindred spirits.  Steve is passionate about his family.  He loves being a Dad and Husband.  Lyle works with teens and is passionate about educating them and making the world a better place for them.  When these two get together something exciting happens: synergy.

Lyle and Steve have the passion and drive to help make ICanTeachMyTeen the best resource for parents who want their kids to succeed in areas where schools leave them hanging.

 Meet The People Behind the Scenes:

 Steve is a parent of four kids, two off to college and ‘grown-up’ and two still at home in the wonderful teen years.  He likes to say things like, “Enjoy the game of life and business.  All else is just details.” and, “Love like you mean it, live like you were meant to.”

“I have been given the gift and blessing of four incredible people. Not one of them is a “Kid” anymore yet they all look at life through the eyes of a child and “live” with purpose. When I say, you can never really become successful in life unless you help enough others become successful in their lives, I think of my kiddos, Michelle, Sarah, Ryan and Andrew. They all four exude this belief. I am proud to be called your father, there is no honor greater to me.”

Lyle has worked with teens for over twenty years with everything from speaking to large crowds of teens, working with small groups and even personally coaching/mentoring many individual teens.  Lyle loves teens and even has a Master’s Degree to help him work with them even better.  The funny thing is, teens still say he is one of them . . .or do they say he acts like one of them?

Lyle met with a group of teens to help them ‘do better’ in life.  Through challenging them, they decided they wanted to learn about business. Lyle had been in business many times and remembered how he felt as a teen.  He wanted to be successful in business, but did not have anyone to guide him when he was younger.  He wanted to be there for the teens of today.

Lyle guided this group of three teens as they developed the website www.teenbusinesscentral.com  They have all gone on to other tasks, but Lyle has kept the page alive and works with other adults and teens to keep it fresh and moving forward.  Teen Business Central has touched lives in over six countries and now he wants to reach even more with ICanTeachMyTeen.

Brandon Brandon“I’m the been-there, done-that speaker for teens.”

Bullied in elementary for being overweight and at a new school. Busted for drugs in junior high. Turned my life around in high school – built a business, got good grades and played football in high school. Faced fatherhood at the ripe old age of 19. Built a six-figure real estate business in six months at 20. Encountered brutal business failure at 21.

My life literally has been a series of wins followed by serious challenges. Isn’t every teenager’s day the same?

Alexandra Being in my early twenties, I am able to relate to teens because it was only a few short years ago that I was a teen myself.  I have the advantage of being connected to what’s relevant and happening in the world and how that impacts the lives of today’s youth.

Throughout my high school years I discovered my passion for leadership and contribution and spent countless hours volunteering in the community and heading up school organizations that gave me incredible first hand opportunities in working with people from all walks of life. These experiences allowed me to exercise my belief in real change and the impact that each individual can have on our world.

With the experience of working with teens from all over the world and the education gained through personal development and leadership training, I am now focused on creating ways to give back to the world around me by sharing the amazing gifts that have helped me transform my own life!

Meet a few of the teens:

Andrew is Steve’s youngest son.  He has a quick mind and is ready to take on challenges.  That is, of course, after he is done playing Halo.  He loves video games and wants to do something with cars.  Whatever it is, he will definitely be in business.  He has been bit by the entrepreneurial bug.


CC is a friend of Lyle’s.  He comes from a single parent family, but has worked with Lyle for a couple of years learning about business and other ‘life’ things.  CC wants to go into the Marines when he graduates and has already signed up.  He loves finding new ways of doing things and even helped set up an airsoft club in his town including many of his friends and a lot of teens from around the area.  He named it in honor of his friend who committed suicide.


Tanner is a senior at Wylie High school.  He works at Cinemark. After motivating himself to get into shape, he decided he wanted to be able to motivate others.  He wants to get into motivational speaking and see if he can help others achieve success like he has.  One of his favorite quotes is, “obstacles are put in your way, to see if what you really want is worth fighting for.”

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