What format is this course?

This is a video course with a workbook. It is immediately available on your computer when you purchase the product. If you would like the DVD and workbook version it will cost an additional $50.

Where did the idea for I Can Teach My Teen come from?

Lyle and Steve met at a business conference in Austin, Texas where Steve lives. They realized immediately that they had similar passions: helping teens and helping parents. They both brought their skills and talents and plunged head first into this amazing project. Steve included his 15 year old son, Andrew who is interested in business and Lyle was paired up with a 17 year old named C.C. who was also interested in business.

What if I am divorced, can I still go through this course with my teen?

Yes. You may have to be creative and work with the schedule that is set up via custody, but if there is a will, there is a way. This may be a great project to help you and your teen connect deeper. If the other parent is on board with your teen learning about business, it makes it so much easier. If not, you will want to work when you have time with your teen and not take time away from the other parent. You would not want this to be a point of contention between you and them.

Can I go through this with more than one teen?

You can, but as the business ideas develop it will be hard to help more than one student through the exercises. There is no additional charge for taking one, two or three students. I would suggest not leading a group of more than two students without talking to us about our group course. If you are up to it and you have time, then go ahead.

Can I take a group through this training?

Yes, contact our office for details. Each situation is different and we can work with you and your organization. We may even add some special things like a video call with one or more of our leaders.

What if I have more than one teen living in my house?

You can go through this course with just one student, if that is the only teen interested.  Just make sure you are spending adequate time with your other teen so that they do not feel left out.  If they both want to go through the course and they want to do it together, that is fine.  It is highly suggested that each teen have their own project to work on.

Can a couple of parent/teen families partner up and work together?

Yes.  It would be best if each family has their own log in to review and go back over certain sections.  Families going through it together can keep each other accountable, but there may be some competition involved and if two teens have a similar idea, there could be some unnecessary conflicts.

What if my teen does not want to go through the course with me, his/her parent?

Teens are looking for independence.  You know your relationship with your teen.  We suggest not forcing the issue.  If there is another adult who may go through it with your teen, then this may be the best way to start.  You can find these people in your circle of influence, from your church, school, local business men or other family members.  Let them work when they can and maybe, as the course continues, you can help out where needed.  A second way may be encouraging the teen to ‘give it a try’ working with you on this course.  Explain to them that you will be learning along with them and that you will do your best to be a ‘fellow learner’ more than a parent during your times together.  Some parents even go as far as to write up a commitment, contract or covenant with their teen to keep those ‘business training’ times separate and special for the parent and teen.

How much time do I need to commit to this?

It is valid to know what you are getting into before making a commitment.  If you are really busy, it may be hard to add this to your schedule, but it will be worth it.  There are 11 modules and a few bonus sections.  Each module takes 20-30 minutes worth of video as well as the corresponding worksheet.  Worksheet activities are based on the readiness of the student.  Some can take a good afternoon’s worth of time, others may take an hour or less.  It is totally dependent on how prepared the teen is to take action on each modules lesson.  At the top of each module we try to give you the amount of time the video portion of the training should take.

What if my teen gives up, quits or fails?

The reason we made this course for parents/mentors and teens is to keep them motivated.  If they go through the course in order, the first part covers their ‘why’s’ and reminding them of those things will keep them motivated.  This is not a game with a reset switch; this is a real life learning experience.  If something is not working, go back to the beginning and start over.  If you are still having problems, contact our office and we will see if we can help.  Part of the process for this course is to help students who are not serious to realize that they might not want to create their own business.  It is perfectly OK to attempt something, learn some skills and figure out that is not what you want to do.  With that in mind, teens are teens.  We suggest going through the entire course and keep reminding the teen about the possibilities of this working and teens becoming a success.  Go online and research teen entrepreneurs to find some great examples of teens who are successful.

What if my teen wants to do a business but cannot come up with an idea?

Part of the process at the beginning of our course is designed to help your teen come up with an idea for their business.  If they still cannot come up with an idea, check our bonus section for ideas or search online for teen business ideas.  If they still cannot come up with an idea after trying all of these things, your teen may not be ready for a business of their own.  If they still want to try, contact us to see if we can help.

Can my 11 or 12 year old go through I Can Teach My Teen?

You know your student and their maturity level.  Some mature 11-12 year olds can handle this course.  One of the key mental markers that you will want to take note of in the development of your child is the ability to think abstractly.  Can your child handle abstract ideas like business?  Many pre-teens live in a world of the concrete and they may not be able to understand what this course has to offer.  If you choose to go through it with them, make sure you keep up with where they are in this process and walk them through the steps slowly helping them understand the concepts.  If they go through all of them you may want to revisit them in a year for follow-up and review until the concepts stick in their head.

What if my child is showing entrepreneurial qualities but he is much younger than a teen, like six years old?

Meet your child where they are.  Go through the course with them, holding their hand step-by-step.  You will need to do a bunch of the work for them since they are so young, but when they are ready, I suggest you go through the course with them doing the work.  These are foundational skills and can be learned multiple times.  You will probably benefit from the reminder also.

What is your refund policy?

We do offer a full 60 day money back guarantee, so you have plenty of time to try it out.  Our goal is to provide something of value to you and your teen.  Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.  We may be able to help you so you don’t need a refund.

What if I seriously cannot afford your course, but I really think my teen would benefit from it?

Don’t let money stop you.  Contact us, please.  If your teen will benefit from this course and you need help, please let us know.  We want to help you and your teen succeed.  We have many options from ‘working off’ the money to limited scholarships based on need and availability that some of our former ‘graduates’ have offered.  We also have a payment plan if that would help you in your situation.

What if I can’t commit the time, but my teen wants to go through your course?

Just do it.  Find another caring adult who may be able to lead your teen.  We also have teen coaches available to go through the course with your teen.  You will need to apply for these coaching positions and work out the fees with each individual coach.  Our coaches are familiar with our program and have worked with teens in many different areas.  We have also done a background check on each of them, so to the best of our knowledge they will be a great benefit to your teen and their success.

What if I think my teen is too busy, but he/she still wants to go through the course?

One of our modules covers skills like organizing your schedule, prioritizing your activities and working with limited time.  It is just like an adult, when they begin to use their time wisely, they can accomplish much more.  As a parent or mentor, you will want to help them prioritize as they move along.  We do suggest that school work is important and if this course is started during the school year, you may want to schedule times on Saturdays or Sundays to work on this project, limiting how much time they work each day.

What if I want to go through this course, but my teen does not?

This course is designed for the teen.  If the teen does not want to go through this course, do not force them.  The benefits of this course will be lost on a resistant teen.  That being said, you know your teen better than we do.

Can an adult go through this course?

An adult may benefit from the course as well, but the primary focus is on teens developing their business.  We do have affiliations with other companies, including some of our own products that are geared towards adults.  The learning may be just as good, but is more relevant to the ‘adult’ world.

What if I feel like I don’t have the skills to help my teen?

The whole purpose of this course is to help you develop skills as you guide your teen.  We will take you buy the hand and give you tips as your teen goes through the course.  You will get an insider’s look at how to best guide your teen as they develop this business.  You will be picking up skills along the way that you can use for the rest of your life.  We created this course just for people like you.  We believe in you, now you just have to believe in yourself.  Don’t worry, we are here to help you.

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